Oyster, mignonette / 5ea

Housemade bread roll, burnt shallot butter / 6ea

Crab & prawn doughnut, crab emulsion (P) / 9ea  

Duck croquette, sumac, beetroot / 12ea 

Scallop, capsicum butter, finger lime (GF) / 10ea

Boneless chicken wing, sauce tomat, jalapeno (GF) / 12ea

Mortadella skewer, guindillas, persimmon mustard (GF) / 10ea

Mixed marinated olives / 8

Snapper rillettes, winter veg chutney, mizuna, quince (GF, F, P) / 28

Woodfired octopus, nduja, smoked tomato, tarragon(GF, F, P)  / 32


Housemade gnocchi, mixed mushrooms, cime di rapa / 35

 Grouper, tomato consomme, cannelini beans, crispy potato (GF, F, P,) / 50 

Half roast chicken, tarragon, corn, seeded mustard (GF, F) / 46

300g Porterhouse au poivre (GF) / 55 

Drive through cheeseburger, whisky pickle, cheese, house sauce, milk bun / 24 

Mixed leaves, vegetables, house dressing (V, N, GF) / 14
Fries, garlic aioli (V*, F) / 15 

Woodfired winter vegetables, honey butter (V*) / 16

Panna cotta, rum charred pineapple, mint / 16 

Woodfired cookie, butterscotch, strawberries & cream ice cream / 23

 Vegan option = V*, Gluten Free = GF, Pescitarian = P, Contains nuts = N, Fructose = FH

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